Tuesday, June 24, 2008


It was a busy weekend so I haven't posted anything new. I continue to receive calls from volunteers and am just getting folks connected. Finding the local coordinators hasn't been easy but I now have three contacts.

We have enlisted the aid of The Rev'd Betsy Lee to help with the volunteer coordination, that is getting volunteers connected with those in need.

We have asked The Rev'd Susanne Watson to help as well.

We are also hoping to get a web page, www.iowawaters.org up and running in the next day or so. Hopefully this will be more user friendly. We will keep you posted.

The Mid-American Baptist Churches have a site you can go to for information from their judicatory. See the denominational links to get to it, or click here:

Thanks again for all who are volunteering and for all the offers of help.


Pat Genereux

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